iPhone 7 Plus Case Shockproof, Slim Anti-Scratch Protective Kit with [Tempered Glass Screen Protector]

(Sold by Yesgoteam)

Product Description:

This product is of good quality and has a shockproof and anti-scratch protective kit packaged by the producers. It has a screen protector,  gunmetal colour also slim and portable for use.


It is about 6.5 x 3.2 x 0.5 inches in dimension and weighs between 0.7-0.8ounce.

Who should buy this?

The product is suitable for everyone who who has great passion for iphones. Being that the product has some other protective kits that can make the handler less cautious about the safety. The color of the cell phone can also be another ice on the cake for people who don’t really like obvious colors, as it has metal or stainless color. This can be very good and also very easy to clean up some stains from it without being scratched. It can be used by friends and family.


  1. It has a double layer shock absorbent.
  2. Screen protector
  3. Dust remover
  4. Compatible with Apple 5.5 iphone
  5. Durable case
  6. Soft card

What you may like about the product

It can be held comfortably, and the extra protection kits are very handy. You can be assured of a longer span of the battery. The buttons functions very well, and the protective case light and of course rugged enough to serve as a protective kit.

What you may not like

Considering the fragility of the screen protector, it may as well snap very easily if not carefully handled.

Maintenance Culture

As the product wasn’t built to resist water, it is important that it is kept away from wet or moist places. It is also important that the protective kits are always used on the product just as the manufacturers instructed so as to ensure a better functionality of the product.

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