DEWALT D24000 1.5-Horsepower 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw

Sold by: Dewalt

Product Description:

when you are into flooring and modeling job it is advisable to choose a great saw to get your job done with a twinkle of an eyes, so i recommend DEWALT 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw to give a moderate and reliable job well done.

This saw is capable to handle a diagonal cut,and the dual nozzle is of great help to cool down saw blade when cutting tiles


  • Product Dimensions  36 x 29.2 x 20.4 inches
  • Voltage  120 volts

Who may buy this?

  • those who are are professionals in flooring and remodeling may be interested to buy this for cutting of tiles with ease with at job site

Key Features

  • The saw has rubber top that to avoid sliding and slipping off tiles.
  • Can be and and set up by one person because of it light weight
  • Blade spins very fast with a high cutting capacity
  • double nozzle can be adjustable for water placement on blade in order to maintain over-spray and mist

Other Features:

  • Cutting cart is removable for easy access of cleaning the tiles saw
  • You can do a V-cap and pavers with a 3-1/8″ depth cutter
  • Stainless saw frame is built in a way to protect the saw and give an moderate cuts
  • Back and front water attachment is position on tile saw in way to make water run off or splash and maintain blade over spray from big tiles then keep water in pan


  • Light weight of this tile saw make me usually recommend this saw for professionals, who what that can be handle by one person and set up with ease
  • It well protected with a stainless steel guide
  • The hand to control the blade during operations is firm and easy to move up and down
  • Saw can cut accurately and smooth

Cons :

  • Table has side to side wobbling when over adjusted, in other to avoid wobbling you need not to over adjust the legs which may cause inaccurate cuts

Maintenance culture:

Always lubricate saw moveable pats and clean of tile particles to get a better result



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