Dragon touch X10

Dragon Touch X10 10-Inch 16GB Octa Core Tablet with 5.0 MP Camera and Android 5.1 Lollipop

Product Description:

(Sold by Tabletexpress)

This product is  robust and has a powerful feature that enables the user to navigate through it. It has a wide screen and a Wifi connectivity and a 5.0mp camera. The product comes with android 5.1 that enhances downloading with maximum compatibility. It is also per-installed with google play that brings the world of entertainment and various apps near us.


The product has a dimension of 11.0 x 6.8 x 0.4, a screen size of  10.6inches and weighs about 2pounds.

Who should buy this?

Those who fancy operations on wide screens. Just as the product is quite responsive in operation, every user will definitely fall in love with it because of the operating interface. Those who operate on electronic gadgets like this need not to worry because of its durability and battery capacity of about 5-6hours. It is just enough to keep you going.


  • It has a 16GB hard drive
  • 1GB RAM
  • A colorful screen display
  • A Bluetooth/Wifi wireless connection
  • An android platform
  • A battery life of 6hours

What you may like about the product:

It has a front and back camera there by making it easy to take a selfie. The battery life is long enough to keep you glued to your tablet. It has a good sound quality compared to other tablet products. It has short and simple operating interface and the screen sharp and accurate. It also has an adjustable contrast. The color is bold and quite attractive.

Maintenance Culture:

The product should be taken to places not close to wet places and also should not be exposed to much charging.




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